Guest Blog: Veasna Lim’s 86 Build

First and foremost, I’d like to put it out there that I am NOT a writer. Battle Garage wanted to give me the opportunity to share my build, and I am here to do just that.

Before I begin the build process, I will tell you a little about myself. Since I told you what I am not, I will tell you what I am; an enthusiast. Describing myself as an “enthusiast” may not exactly be the right word, but it’s a good word. It’s polite. Not so polite words that also come to mind are: addict, fiend, freak, and maniac. Which would you pick for yourself? All enthusiast share the same passion. This passion for me, is this build that you will shortly see.

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For The Love of Rotary

Talk to any “car person” about rotary engines and the conversation will often involve some discussion of poor fuel consumption, failed smog attempts and broken apex seals.  


“Save The Rotary” petitions began flooding social media outlets when an interview with Mazda’s new CEO confirmed the unlikelihood of a rotary engine being paired with any Mazda production cars in the near future.  Solutions to getting a production rotary engine to meet modern emissions and efficiency standards is still beyond Mazda engineers’ grasp.  Killing the rotary project  was an unfortunate but necessary move for a growing company like Mazda who has responsibilities to its shareholders.  After all, the rotary engine campaign was just Mazda’s attempt at bringing the rotary engine to the mainstream.  As this noble experiment comes to an end, I found it to be the perfect opportunity to conclude my long over-due Sevenstock coverage with my personal experience in the world of rotary ownership and hopefully explain my border-line addictive relationship with these RE-vehicles.
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Norcal’s 86 Scene: More than Meets the Eyes.

I’ve been obsessed with the AE86 since 2008.

Most of my 6 years of experience with fellow Corolla heads has been with others that live in sunny northern California.  The first memorable one was when I showed up at Max Perez’s garage sale at his shop Illegal Garage in my beat to shit GT-S coupe.  I was greeted by people that I could tell just loved the cars and weren’t there to judge me or my car.  Fast forward to the first Friday of 2014 Norcal AE86 meet, and after all of that time I’m happy to say there are only positive vibes from people that show up, which is truly amazing.
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All Star Bash: Even More Outrageous for 2013

California never seems to have a shortage of interesting car events to go to no matter where your interests lie.  This last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to make the drive down from San Jose to go hang out with my friends at ASB 2013.

Ziptied All Star Bash was started some 13 years ago as an invite only, private event that was put on by an equally exclusive online forum.  If you wanted to be part of this drifting community, you would be required to post a picture of your car, why you thought you were cool, and your most outrageous story involving a one night stand or similar debauchery.  95% of the time the applicant would be torn to pieces by existing members for all of the others to see.  It was honestly pretty hilarious if you weren’t the one applying.
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